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Married: 18 years
Education: AA, Sacramento City College, West Valley College, San Jose
Occupation: RETIRED Planner/Coordinator, SMUD (35 Years)
Spouse: Joanne Beech
Spouse Occupation: Medical Records Coder, Mercy Hospital in Folsom
E-mail: bogeybeech @
Children: Two daughters, three grandchildren
Last 50 years: Trying not to take life so seriously. Traveling the world. Being adventurous, writing a cook book, and continue to ride my motorcycle (BMW) until I can't throw a leg over it.

Married: 40 years
Education: AA, American River College
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Spouse: Henry "Hank" Derlkotte
Spouse Occupation: RETIRED General Contractor
E-mail: donna.dwerlkotte @
Children: Two daughters, two sons, six grandchildren
Last 50 years: Living in Carmichael close to Fair Oaks for the last 40 years in the same house! Raised a family and after the last child was six weeks old, went to college and became a registered nurse. I still work as a nurse part-time. Last year my daughters and I returned to the old Yankee Stadium in New York City just before they were to tear it down. That is where my father, Ernie "Tiny" Bonham had pitched and won the 1941 and 1943 World Series. We retraced the steps my mom and dad had taken years ago and even stayed at the Waldorf Astoria for a week!

Married: 41 years
Education: BA, UC Berkeley; Physical Therapy, Stanford Medical Schools
Spouse: Gordon A. Chisholm, Jr.
E-mail: md_chiz @
Children: Five children, five grandchildren
Last 50 years: We moved to Washington state when Gordon returned from Diet Nam. We raised our children there. I worked full to part time while being a soccer mom, etc.
Hobbies: We like to travel with a very memorable trip to Scotland for the Chisholm clan gathering. Enjoyed meeting multiple Chisholms and the clan chief.

Married: 23 years
Education: Sacramento High School
Spouse: Frank Bowman
E-mail: annasuggranny @
Children: Three children, ten grandchildren, one great-grandson
Last 50 years: Working part-time at Christian Brothers High School serving lunches. I am helping my son to raise his youngest two daughters (9 years and 2 years) and mainly by me. I spend most of my time going to five of my grandchildren's sporting events. I try to make it to all of their games and activities driving from Sacramento to Galt. Supporting my grandchildren is what I love and it helps me remain young.

Married: 42 years
Education: Teaching Credential, MA English/Linguistics
Occupation: RETIRED Teacher (High School English)
Spouse: Robert L. Minnis
Spouse Occupation: International Health Development
E-mail: tunie729 @
Children: Three children, two grandsons
Last 50 years: Teaching, reading, writing, traveling, hiking, enjoying Santa Cruz beaches and bike trails; finding time for family and friends and finding surprises in the successes of my former students. I conduct a community book-reading session every month at our famous bookshop in Santa Cruz, CA.

Married: 43 years
Education: BA, Sacramento State
Occupation: RETIRED Public Mental Health Programs Administration
Spouse: Linda Erhart (McClatchy '59)
Spouse Occupation: RETIRED School Psychologist
E-mail: robertflorida @
Children: One daughter
Last 50 years: First, I am still trying to make myself accept that it really HAS been 50 years since we all graduated. Work and raising our daughter took up a good portion of the early years. Linda and I have been blessed with generally good health which allowed us to pursue activities that were of particular interest to us. Initially, our passions included skiing, back-packing, sailing. Those physically demanding activities eventually gave way to less strenuous but rewarding pursuits. For the past nearly 25 years, our principal interests have focused on foreign and domestic travel. We were somewhat slow to realize that travel was something that shouldn’t be postponed until retirement. That realization hit us during our first trip to Europe in 1986. From that time on, we vowed to cram in as much travel as possible. We have been most fortunate to have filled our lives with lasting memories of places, people and events. But, without a doubt, our greatest blessing... wonderful family and dear friends.

Married: 44 years
Education: AA Sacramento City College; BA English Cal State University Sacramento
Spouse: John C. Meyers
Spouse Occupation: Clinical Pharmacist, Out Patient Pharmacy Supervisor
E-mail: kayjmeyers @
Children: Two daughters, one granddaughter
Last 50 years: After junior college I attended Sac State for a couple of years but did not know what I wanted to do. I moved to San Francisco in 1964 and worked there at the Department of Employment. It was on a Greyhound bus leaving Sacramento right after Christmas 1964 that I met my husband. Seven months later we were married. After graduating from UC Pharmacy School in San Francisco, my husband went into the US Public Health Service in Baltimore, MD, for three years during the Vietnam War. We came back to California and bought a pharmacy in Fort Bragg CA. We owned the pharmacy for almost 20 years and raised our two girls there. After they both graduated from UC Davis, we moved back to Sac where my husband was in charge of the UC Davis Cancer Center Pharmacy. I went back to Sac State and finished my degree work and got my BA in 1996. I became a substitute teacher and worked for the Sac City Public Schools. While on a vacation in the Northwest in 1999, we fell in love with a house in Portland OR and bought it. Both daughters and our granddaughter live here with their husbands, so we have the best of both worlds.

Hobbies: My husband and I have two tandem bicycles which we like to ride. I take Tai Chi lasses, ceramic classes continually and also take painting and pastel classes sometimes. I am an avid gardener, so my yard work keeps me busy. In 2000 my husband and I started going to Europe and have gone almost every year since. We enjoy traveling more than anything and plan on doing it as long as we can.

Married: 43 years Widower, 21 years
Education: BA in Math and Science at SCC; AA in Business at American River College
Occupation: RETIRED Professional Land Surveyor
E-mail: leab95825 @
Children: Five children, 11 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild
Last 50 years: Did a hitch in the Navy right out of High School. Mustered out at rank E-5. The most memorable moment I had in the navy was having a nuclear weapon detonated 62 miles above me at Johnston Island. After the Navy, I went college while I was working. I did land surveying from 1968 to 2000. Then I retired. Then I decided to travel. My first stop was at the Grand Canyon. From there, I went to a lot of places to photo great landforms, Rock Art and other historical places like Mesa Verde and Edge of Cedars at Blanding, Utah. I got interested in Astronomy after taking class in this subject. I really liked the pictures. So I made my own astrophotos. These were done with film – not digital. In my travels doing astronomy, I met David Levy in Arizona. He was the astronomer who found Shoemaker -Levy 9. This is the comet that broke up into pieces (dubbed THE STRING OF PEARLS), that plowed into Jupiter. Hey, if you guys like to look at meteor showers, there are three more in this year: THE ORIONIDS Oct. 21,22; THE LEONIDS November 17,18; and THE GEMINIDS, December 13-14. The good thing about these is that the moon will be essentially new, so you won’t have to have it in your face.

Married: 50 years
Education: BA, MA, Behavioral Sciences, CSUS; Ph. D. Behavioral Sciences, UCB
Occupation: RETIRED Educator
Spouse: Morgan
Spouse Occupation: RETIRED Engineer
E-mail: vjfong @
Children: Two sons, one granddaughter
Last 50 years: EDUCATOR – Teacher, Sacramento High School; Professor, Cosumnes River College and Sacramento City College; Dean, Behavioral & Social Sciences, Sacramento City College; Dean, Fine & Applied Arts; Assoc. Dean, Instruction; and Vice President, Instruction, American River College; Retired in 2004. My most rewarding accomplishments were establishing an Early Childhood education programs for teen moms at SHS; Early Childhood Education programs at CRC and SCC for students... ongoing commitment. TRAVELED far and wide (China, Southeast Asia, France, Italy, Africa, Eygpt, Peru, Galagapos Islands, Indonesia, Panama, and throughout the US)
Hobbies: Avid tennis player, needlecrafter and volunteer

Married: yes
Education: Sac Hi Feb '59; BA Sac State Feb '63
Spouse: Dennis Beyma
Spouse Occupation: RETIRED USMC (1962-1989)
Children: Three sons, six grandchildren (with one more due in January)
Last 50 years: We've lived in Tustin, San Diego, and Irvine, California; Okinawa, Japan; Quantico, Virginia; and then retired back to Irvine. We have been blessed with a great life and good kids -- beautiful daughters-in-laws and wonderful grandchildren. Life is good!

Married: 45 years
Education: BA & Teaching Credential, UC Davis; Masters in Special Education, USF
Occupation: RETIRED Educator, Administrator and Education Consultant
Spouse: John (Jack) Hill
Spouse Occupation: RETIRED Camera Repair, Deputy Sheriff, Pilot and Experimental Builder and Consultant
E-mail: jacksue @
Children: One daughter, two granddaughters
Last 50 years: We got married in June 1964, when I had completed my graduate work at UCD and lived in Fair Oaks until 1968 when we moved to Jack's hometown of Santa Cruz where we lived until 2007 when we were both completely retired. We now live in Meridian, Idaho, just a few miles from our daughter, son-in-law and two wonderful little granddaughters. Our new career as grandparents is the most rewarding of all! My career as an educator extended from elementary & junior high teaching in regular and special education to being a principal and a district special education administrator. Following my school district retirement in 2000, I continued as a consultant to school districts and school administrators. I finally retired permanently in 2007. We've enjoyed traveling through the years to Europe, Japan, Canada, Alaska and across the US.
Hobbies: Collecting Japanese art and historic swords, being antique glass dealers for many years and the shooting sports. We enjoy aviation and military museums, art galleries and history museums. Idaho is a wonderful place for sightseeing and we feel fortunate to live in such a beautiful environment.

Married: 47 years
Education: AA, Information Technology (Sac City College)
Occupation: RETIRED, 40 years in Computer Marketing & Sales
Spouse: Gail (Gassner) Mortensen (Sac High '57)
Spouse Occupation: RETIRED, cookie company owner
E-mail: mmortensen @
Children: One daughter
Last 50 years: Computer Sales – Account Sales Executive for several major computer manufactures (Compaq, HP, Digital) selling technology hardware to State and Local governments. Retired in 2006. Served six years in the US Air Force Reserve as Flight Engineer and aircraft maintenance instructor. Developed, with wife Gail, the Sierra Shortbread Company using her family’s 100-year old-shortbread cookie recipe from Cornwall, England. Sold the business in 2000 after 12 years of nationwide sales. My most rewarding accomplishments (besides my family) were getting my golf handicap down to a four, and, for the past 10 years, doing announcing and play-by-play for Foothills-area high-school-sports teams with Touchdown Productions. I was also able to do several of those broadcasts from the floor-level announcing area in Arco Arena.
Hobbies: Avid golfer, television announcer, and volunteer for AnimalSave in Grass Valley, CA

Married: Yes
Education: AA, Information Technology (Sac City College)
Occupation: Semi-RETIRED, P/T Blossoms and Balloons
Spouse: Honorable David E. Russell
Spouse Occupation: RETIRED, cookie company owner
E-mail: dsrussll @
Children: Three children, four step-children, seven grandchildren, two great grandchildren
Last 50 years: I worked twenty five years in the banking field as a loan officer for The Procter and Gamble Credit union and the Sacramento County Credit union. I volunteered a many hours during the years to the following groups, The Legal Auxiliary of Sacramento County, as Sacramento Court tour docent, Mercy Guild, Child and Family Institute, and the Children's Home. I retired after my husband David left his private practice to become a Federal Bankruptcy Judge in 1986. His chambers have been in the Sacramento Federal Court House for the past twenty three years. We are both now semi retired, I still work two days a week at Blossoms and Balloons Florist, a dream job and David sits one week a month as Federal Bankruptcy Judge in Sacramento. We have traveled a lot over the years of our marriage be it with the Government or on own, having been to all but seven of the states, and many countries including, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Croatia, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, The Caribbean, The Panama Canal, The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Canada, England and France. After living in Land Park for 18 years, David and I bought a new home in Del Webb Sun City Lincoln Hills ten years ago. It was one of the best things we ever did. It is a wonderful community and fabulous place to live.
I am looking forward to our up coming class reunion and connecting with old friends. We have a lot of catching up to do. Congratulations class of 59 on FIFTY wonderful years !
Hobbies: Our family is quite large and close as my sister Jackie, SHS class of ' 60 and my brother Denis, SHS class of ' 64 also live in Lincoln Hills, their children and families living close in Sacramento. We have great family holidays together.

Married: 46 years

Education: BS, Education, CSUS; Masters in Ed. from Univ. LaVerne
Occupation: RETIRED from teaching in 2002
Spouse: Sam Wells (Sac High '57)
Spouse Occupation: RETIRED from IBM in 2005 (2nd time)
E-mail: samwells @
Children: Four children, nine grandchildren
Last 50 years: After we married, I taught in Salt Lake City for a year and then England, where we were stationed with the USAF near London.  We had a three wonderful years there making lifelong friends and the first of our four children. We returned to Sacramento in 1967. I spent my time raising kids until the youngest was starting school whereupon I returned to teaching first at Our Lady of Fatima in North Sac and then at Washington Elementary in Sacramento.  With nine grandchildren and working parents our house is full of little people again. I remain a Dragon, ’59, even though I missed graduating from Sac with my last 6 months in high school spent at the newly opened Hiram Johnson.

Married: 42 years
Education: DDS from UCSF; MS (Education) from USC; MS (Restorative Dentistry) from University of Michigan
Occupation: Dentist / Professor
Spouse: Susan Noble
Spouse Occupation: Financial Manager
E-mail: wardenhnoble @
Children: Two sons, one granddaughter expected in Sept.
Last 50 years: After two years at Berkeley and four years at UCSF, I spent three years in the Air Force in Germany. We traveled and skied extensively. Returned to the Bay Area and taught at UCSF and practiced prosthodontic dentistry for 40 years. Sue and I were busy with two boys, skied a lot and developed a vineyard near Calistoga. I "retired" four years ago and I am teaching part-time at UOP Dental school in San Francisco.
Hobbies: We enjoy traveling and I do woodworking, grape growing and still run and ski and climb mountains.

Married: Yes
Education: AA in Math & Physics; Political Science; Public Administration
Occupation: RETIRED from Diplomatic Corp Financial Banking
Spouse: Sandra
Spouse Occupation: Teacher
E-mail: gpadresg @
Children: Four children, two granddaughters
Last 50 years: Attended Texas Tech; Univ. of Mexico; Post grad in Brazil; 37 years in Washington, DC, retired to South Florida to enjoy my yacht and sailing. I have been in two commercial airline crashes; bad lugs on a wheel sent me over an 80 foot cliff; was trapped in a burning apartment; was also attacked by a shark; hit by a teen age driver doing 60 mph while I was stopped at a red light; fell off a roof; flipped my car 5 or 6 times when sideswiped by a truck. I still enjoy traveling and yachting even after all of my mishaps over the years.

Married: 48 years

E-mail: shar @
Children: Two sons, five grandchildren, two great grandchildren
Last 50 years: I have lived in the state of Washington since 1965. My husband worked for his Dad's Auto Body Repair Shop. And when his Dad retired, we purchased the repair shot and ran it together for over 30 years. Now we live out in the country where it is very nice and quite. We travel often and my husband is involved in the local gun club. He takes care of the shotgun range at the club. I do extensive sewing, work with crafts, walk and help where ever I am needed in the community.

Married: 49 years

Education: BA Sac State, MA SF State, Juris Doctorate Hastings College of Law
Spouse: Don Schilling
Spouse Occupation: Commissioned Church Worker/Lawyer/Retired Presbyterian Minister
Children: Two children
Last 50 years: Since high school graduation I've enjoyed a rich and meaningful life as a consequence of the experiences I've had. I have been blessed with a family -- husband Don, with whom I've spent the years since 1960, and two grown children who've gone on to create wonderful lives and families of their own. In the 1960's and early 70's we lived and worked in a black ghetto in Marin County. We participated in the civil rights and anti-war movements. I felt called by the spirit to replace college level teaching with a career as a lawyer in order to provide legal services to low income people. In 1976, we moved to Sebastopol, CA, and I began my legal ministry. I continued to work up to the present with no thought of retirement, as I love what I do. My health has been great so far -- so last year I was able to donate a kidney to a needful person. All has not been easy as we had a middle child born with serve birth defects who died after a year of life, and parents to care for during debilitating illnesses. However, on the whole, it has been a marvelous journey participating in the great movements of our time -- civil rights, anti war and more recently the struggle for gay rights. Our society clearly is on a roll toward more justice and inclusion -- a cause for celebration. It's been good to balance a life of physical activity (long bike rides several times a month, a regular exercise program, plus a daily nap) with involvement in non-profits (both statewide and local dealing with issues like farm-worker rights and low-income senior housing). Regular participation in our local Methodist church has continued to keep me focused on the meaning and purpose of it all.

Married: 45 years in August

Education: BSEE, MSEE, Stanford University
Occupation: RETIRED from engineering
Spouse: Judy (Ahern) Snook (Sac High '60)
Spouse Occupation: RETIRED teacher
E-mail: psnook @
Children: Two sons, two grandchildren (so far)
Last 50 years: After college and marrying, we lived in Mountain View and I worked for the Stanford Applied Electronics Lab. until 1969. This was a fun environment and left plenty of time for tennis. The student unrest (SDS, etc.) in 1969 led me and several co-workers to start a company, where we all worked hard (growing from 10 to 1500 employees) until selling to Boeing Aerospace in 1987 (not much tennis). We bought a house at Tahoe, where the family had vacationed for many years, and not too long after moved to Fair Oaks (more tennis). We lived several years full-time at Tahoe and met many new friends there. We have enjoyed traveling to Europe on vacations and now visit our son Mike, wife Pilar and grandson Alex living in Seville, Spain. I am trying to learn Spanish, with little success.
Hobbies: Playing tennis, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, boating, home remodeling

Married: yes
Education: BS, Aeronautical Engineering, Certificate of Engineering Management, Cal Tech
Occupation: Owner - Jack Strong Associates, LLC
Spouse: Linda
Spouse Occupation: Homemaker
E-mail: jackhstrong @
Children: One daughter
Last 50 years: I was on the swimming team at Sacramento City College (1960-1961). I then moved to Southern California to finish college. I've held technical management positions with various aerospace companies and, in 2006, founded my engineering consulting company. I love my work and stay involved in company matters, but also enjoy leisure time and family.
Hobbies: Boating, Hiking, Skiing, socializing with many friends

Married: 48 years in October
Education: BS, Accounting, San Jose State University
Occupation: RETIRED Accountant (from Lockheed Martin)
Spouse’s Name: Richard (Rick) Johnson
Spouser’s Occupation: RETIRED Computer Scientist (from Lawrence Livermore Labs)
E-Mail: rpj @
Children: Two daughters, two grandchildren
Last 50 years: We left the Sacramento area in 1965 and returned in 2002. Our home is now in Roseville. We lived primarily in Santa Clara and Livermore. We love to play with our grandchildren (a 4-year-old and infant). We enjoy traveling and have been to Asia, Europe, Russia, Mexico, Canada and numerous states. Still lots of places to see! I enjoyed my career at Lockheed from entry level to Manager. My job constantly was changing and had many challenges. I also worked with a great group of people. I even consulted for a while after retiring in 2001

Married: 45 years
Education: BA, Social Science (History), CSUS; Th.M., Dallas Seminary
Occupation: RETIRED Supervising Commercial Appraiser, Sacramento County Assessor
Email: vaira @
Spouse’s Name: Dianne Donato (Hiram Johnson 1960, CSUS 1964)
Spouser’s Occupation: RETIRED Elementary Teacher, Personnel Asst. Sacramento County
Children: One daughter, one granddaughter
Last 50 years: The Lord provided me with employment as a Real Estate Appraiser (30 yrs.) and opportunities to serve as an active layperson in two different local churches. I really enjoyed both of these activities. We have traveled to Alaska and explored a lot of its natural beauty in an RV. We also traveled to Israel and visited several sites in the Holy Land. I helped with construction for three different churches in Cameroon. We lived in the same house in Sacramento for over 30 years, but moved to a Senior Community in Galt in 2007. I missed graduating from Sac High because I had to attend Hiram Johnson for my last semester of high school, but I have many good memories from my days at Sac.
Hobbies: RVing, Hiking, Photographing nature (landscape, flowers, and wild animals)

Married: 32 years
Education: Sacramento City College
Occupation: Mother, Lover, and Wife
Email: patrickv @
Spouse’s Name: Patrick Valenzuela
Spouser’s Occupation: RETIRED State of California Official
Children: Three children, four grandchildren
Last 50 years: I’ve lived in the same East Sacramento neighborhood for the last 67 years (very sheltered life). I've dedicated my life to my husband and my children and now my grandchildren. I worked for the United Cerebral Palsy developing and administering programs for severely disabled children and adults. I also worked for several physicians part time. I married my husband, Patrick, who was born and raised in Chile. He came to the USA to attend college.
Hobbies: Bicycling, walking, gardening, reading and doing needlepoint.

Married: 45 years
Education: BS/MS, Civil Engineering, UCD and CSUS SJ
Spouse’s Name: Linda Greilich Whitney
Spouser’s Occupation: RETIRED School Principal
Children: Two children, five grandchildren
Last 50 years: I retired as the Senior Civilian for the Sacramento District of the Army Corps of Engineers in 1998. I currently do part-time consulting work for a Washington, DC, firm. I do volunteer work with Sacramento ACT (community organizing), for schools and for our church. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to travel throughout the world and gain new perspectives. Finally, we are very fortunate to be able to interact with our five grandchildren on a frequent basis as they all live in the Sacramento area.

Married: yes
Education: Sacramento City College, UC Davis and the College of Physicians and Surgeons (now UOP) in San Francisco
Occupation: RETIRED Adjunct Assistant Professor at UOP in San Francisco in the department of Restorative Dentistry
Spouse’s Name: KC Wong
E-Mail: kwonga @
Children: Two sons
Last 50 years: We live in Marin at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais overlooking the Bay. Recently my oldest son took his mother and me on a three-week culinary tour of Hong Kong and China. We each made a list, and right after the Olympics we visited all: blue skies, clean air and lots of walking. The Great Wall was just that. Our trip was topped off with a fantastic duck dinner in Beijing with a friend from the State Department. My youngest son is on staff at UOP as an adjunct associate professor. As a student, he helped to create a county and UOP dental clinic in Woodland for the dentally indigent; the two of us were featured in the Sacramento Bee and the CDA newsletter. My oldest son graduated with highest honors from both UC Berkeley and Harvard Law, and is currently a partner in one of San Francisco's largest law firms. He has lectured to small businesses and was featured on PBS. My cup runneth over. Hope to see you soon.

Married: 45+ years
Education: BA, UC Berkeley; General Secondary Credential
San Jose State, M.A. Political Science, San Jose State
Occupation: RETIRED Teacher
Spouse’s Name: Vic
Spouser’s Occupation: RETIRED Aeronautical Engineer
E-Mail: vic3458 @
Children: Four children, eight grandchildren
Last 50 years: My husband Vic and I have lived in the Bay Area since the
early '60s. I worked only part time. We enjoyed hiking, camping, traveling and being with our kids' activities. Since they were athletes, we spend a lot of time 'on the road.' I coached track and cross country. We've also been active with various musical groups and entertaining seniors. We also have done a lot of dancing (until arthritis took over) and I have finally gotten to pursue my passion for painting in these retirement years. Grand kids are also a big part of our lives ... hauling them to summer camps, teaching them to drive and to play guitar, etc. ... I've been very fortunate so far to have had a great life!